William G. Johnson III, CIC, AFIS

Co-Founder, COO


Will was born into the business. His family's regional agency just celebrated its 100 year anniversary. The agency hired Dan three years ago to build a program administration company out of its agribusiness division that was embedded in the agency. We built Agribusiness Risk Underwriters.


In that two year process, we developed substantial intellectual property and systems capabilities to bring the power of the insurance industry back into the hands of the brokers. We founded Program Partners to scale up that know-how and technology and are now engaged in bringing it to a few selected brokers who share our frustrations and dreams of keeping the broker relevant in the business. 


“When I first met Dan in 2015, my family's 100-year-old regional agency was at a crossroads:  we could continue doing what we had been doing, or we could make a big push and take ourselves to the "next level."  Dan pitched us on a concept that would put us more in control of our destiny, which really appealed to us.  But, in all candor, we had no idea.  We just knew where we wanted to be - but we had no real pathway to get there - and Dan was the missing piece.   Today, we are going strong in 21 states, steamrolling our competition along the way.  It is exhilarating to be a part of it -- my former fiercest competitor is now our biggest broker.  I get paid every time they sell a policy, and naturally, that pleases me deeply.”

I'm proud to have worked to bring the companies to life.