Our Services

Our Technology

We provide our broker partners with design and development services, fronting insurer and reinsurer relationships, and underwriting management, to create branded insurance programs they own and control.

  • Simplified and reduced  "all-in-one" policy designs.

  • Your program - one policy.

  • Exclusive.

  • Your brand.

  • The only logo on the policy is yours

  • You own it.

  • Custom loss control that customers value

  • No paper apps.

  • No complicated or confusing bureau forms or endorsements.

  • No paper policies. 

  • No paper checks.

  • No paper period.

We provide our broker partners with licensure to our intellectual property and a custom proprietary e-commerce "paperless" software platform that you own for your exclusive program - nationwide.

  • Custom rating and underwriting guidelines that value your expertise.

  • 100% e-commerce - no paper 

  • Custom claims management and absolute unfettered access to data

  • No ISO coding, classifications, or rating.

  • No legacy software limitations

  • 24/7 Access 

  • All cloud based with full backup

  • All integrated banking and ACH premium payment and accounting

  • 12 equal payments - and you keep the finance charges!

Our Committment

  • We work with you to create your own branded products and program administration operation  

  • We do not compete against you or help another program administrator invade your program - ever.